Frequently Asked Questions

Can you match Pantone colors?

We cannot guarantee that all colors will match Pantone numbers. Because of the wide variety of materials we use from acrylic yarn to twill to polyester, some color variation is inevitable. For screen printing, custom dyed yarn in beanies, and sublimated bike jerseys, we are able to match colors very closely. The material we use to build our ball caps and apparel however is not custom produced for each project, so we have a more limited (but still quite varied) number of stock colors.

Do I need a vector logo?

We strongly encourage you to use a vector logo for your project. A vector logo ensures the most accurate reproduciton of your logo with no loss in detail. Depending on the size and quality of your logo, we are sometimes able to maintain relatively high levels of detail without a vector logo.

What if I don't see the beanie/hat/shirt I'm looking for? Can you do custom designs?

We are happy to work with you to design any ball cap, beanie or other apparel from scratch using unique materials and silhouettes. Just let us know what you have in mind!

What are your design fees?

We don’t charge for design or artwork set up. We’ve incorporated a standard artwork set up fee into the cost of each project but if you have a design or project that requires additional time to create a logo, design or artwork, we can estimate the time your project will take and will charge an hourly fee of $125/hour.

Will I see a sample of my merchandise before it's produced?

We have an extensive quality control process to ensure the finished product matches the mockup drawings you sign off on before production. In most cases, we are happy to provide a photo of your product before production and are able to make changes after reviewing those photos. We are also able to provide a physical sample for our beanies and ball caps, however, doing so will add 2-3 weeks to your production timeline.

How many colors can I make of each style?

The MOQ for each product is for one color per style.

Do your purchase blank styles from wholesalers?

We design all of our headwear and apparel from scratch. The only blank styles we source from wholesalers are those we use for screen printing t-shirts, sweatshirts or other screen printed designs.